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Amplified External Beeper

  • AEB4 for SL100
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Product Description

Larger, louder add-on beeper for StratoLogger Altimeters.  No soldering necessary - just plug the cable into the StratoLogger's Audio port.  The AEB amplifies all sounds (powerup settings, continuity beeps, post-flight readouts, and locator siren) by up to 26db.  Assembly consists of a connecting cable, a small PCB with circuitry to amplify the StratoLogger's audio output, and a larger high efficiency piezo speaker.  Minimal additional current drain (1 ma typical) on StratoLogger's battery.  The PCB mounts to the inside of the av bay bulkhead and measures 0.9" diameter x 0.3" thick.  The piezo speaker element mounts to the outside of the bulkhead and measures about 0.9" diameter by 0.3" (AEB4) or 0.5" (AEB2) thick.

Important!  Please make sure you order the correct unit for your specific altimeter:

The AEB2 for StratoLoggerCF must be used with a current-revision StratoLoggerCF that has the Audio Connector option installed.  It is not compatible with versions of the altimeter that do not have this connector.  The AEB4 will work with all revisions of the StratoLogger SL100.

The 4.0 KHz AEB4 will be loudest with the StratoLogger SL100, and the 2.5 KHz AEB2 will be loudest with the StratoLoggerCF.  Using the wrong version will give poor results.

The difference between the units is in the actual black piezo speaker, which is now sold separately as an accessory.  For instance, if you buy the AEB2 for the StratoLoggerCF, you can also buy the piezo speaker for the AEB4 and you will have both altimeter types covered.  In addition, you can purchase multiple piezo speakers (which are less expensive than the whole assembly) and install one in each of your rockets, sharing a single amplifier board and connecting cable between them.  The speakers are available here:

2.5 KHz piezo speaker for AEB2 (StratoLoggerCF version)

4.0 KHz piezo speaker for AEB4 (StratoLogger SL100 version)


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