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Digital Multimeter

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Everybody needs a Digital MultiMeter (DMM) in their field kit.  Use it to check batteries, check ematches, confirm the integrity of your wiring or connectors, see if your switch is malfunctioning (especially important with the problematic 110/220 rotary selector switches) and many other uses.  This one item could save your expensive rocket project by isolating a problem before you launch.  Unlike our other electronics (altimeters, timers, data kits, etc.) this item is unfortunately NOT made in the USA (or it wouldn't be this affordable), but we do open each one, do a full inspection, install a battery, and check calibration before shipping it to you.  You can rest assured that you will not recieve a defective or inaccurate DMM by purchasing from us.

NEW:  We are now including a tip sheet on the proper use of and precautions while using your new DMM.  It outlines the ways that you can use it in your rocketry application to insure that you will have a better degree of success with your launch.  It covers potential problem spots and how to isolate them before your first launch, as well as operational tips to keep from damaging your DMM due to inappropriate use.

Also included is a battery load tester so you can test your 9V alkaline batteries under load (just checking the open-circuit voltage across the battery terminals is NOT sufficient) so you can reject any weak batteries that could have resulted in the destruction of your expensive rocket (inexpensive insurance, that!).


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