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HiAlt45K Altimeter

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Replaced by StratoLogger
Shipping Weight:
0.44 LBS

Product Description

This versatile, easy to use altimeter audibly reports your rocket's peak altitude after flight via a sequence of beeps. It can also control the ejection of your parachutes; one at apogee and an optional second larger chute can be deployed at a lower altitude to minimize drift on windy days. This altimeter does NOT store a flight curve for transfer to a computer, please refer to the miniAlt/WD altimeter if you need this function.

Download the User's Manual for this product.


  • Precision sensor works to 45,000 feet MSL
  • Audibly reports peak altitude after flight
  • Peak altitude is stored in nonvolatile memory and is preserved even if power is lost
  • Deploys drogue and main chutes with audible igniter continuity check
  • Main chute deployment altitude is adjustable from 400' to 1,300' in 300' steps
  • Mach delay is adjustable from 0 to 24 seconds for high performance flights
  • Robust power supply is not affected by up to four seconds loss of power in flight
  • Provides up to 5 amps of current for 1 second to fire redundant or nonstandard igniters
  • Altimeter will not be damaged and will not fire charges if battery is connected backwards
  • High accuracy A/D with 12 bit oversampling yeilds +/- 0.75% typical accuracy
  • FLASH program memory for future firmware updates (free of charge to original purchaser)
  • Low current design runs for hundreds of hours on a standard 9V alkaline battery
  • Built-in voltmeter reports battery voltage on powerup
  • Smart low battery alarm sounds if battery voltage drops by 6% or more while awaiting launch
  • Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure reliability
  • Measures just 2.75" L * 0.9"W * 0.63"H, fits in 24mm tube, weighs 0.45 oz.
  • Backed by a full three year warranty


0.90"W x 2.75" L x 0.625"T
12 grams (without battery)
operating voltage:
9V nominal (6V - 16V)
operating current:
1.5 ma typical
firing current:
5 A max (supplied by battery)
cont. check current:
8.9 uA/V
maximum altitude:
45,000 feet MSL
launch detect:
160 feet AGL
event 1 output:
event 2 output:
selectable 400 - 1,300 feet AGL
altitude accuracy:
+/- 0.75% typical
operating temp.:
0C to +70C

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