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No longer available
Shipping Weight:
0.32 LBS

Product Description


The microTimer2 is no longer manufactured and is not available for purchase.  This listing is solely intended to provide access to specifiactions and the online manual for existing customers.


This timer can be used for ignition of sustainer motors in multistage rockets and ignition of air-started auxiliary motors. It can also be used for accurately timed deployment of recovery devices in lieu of the sometimes variable delay times associated with the motor's built-in delay grain.  Delay time can be set with 0.1 second resolution via an on-board pushbutton.

The microTimer2’s small size makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.  Igniter continuity is reported via an onboard LED, with a provision for connecting an external audio beeper.

Download the Operation Manual for this product.


  • Easy to set delay time is field adjustable from 0.6 seconds to over 60 seconds in 0.1 second steps.
  • Uses space-saving LED for delay reporting and continuity check, with provision for adding external full-function beeper. Beeper provides audible igniter continuity check, powerup reporting of current delay time setting, and post-flight siren to aid in rocket location.
  • High current capacity allows use of multiple igniters in clusters. Brown-out protection during firing allows 100% power delivery to igniter without worry of reset.
  • High accuracy digital time setting is retained in EEPROM memory even with power removed.
  • Solder pads for user wiring.
  • Automatic trigger sense configuration (normally open/normally closed) allows use with G-switch, breakwire, pull-pin, etc.
  • False trigger filtering -- trigger condition must be met for 0.5 second in order to start timing cycle.
  • Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure reliability.
  • Measures just 0.9"L x 0.7"W x 0.35"H, fits in 18 mm tube, weighs 0.12 oz. Maximum current: 39.5A for 1ms, 9.4A for 1 second.
  • Backed by a full three year warranty.


0.9"L x 0.7"W x 0.35"T
3.5 grams
operating voltage:
4.8V to 10.5 V (3.0V to 4.8V at half current rating)
operating current:
1.0 ma no continuity, 3.0 ma with continuity
max. firing current:
39.5A for 1 ms, 21.8A for 10 ms, 9.4A for 1 second
cont. check current:
75 uA/V
normally-open or normally-closed
timing range:
0.6 second to over 60 seconds in 0.1 second steps
timing accuracy:
+/- 3% typical
operating temp.:
0C to +70C

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