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Recent Updates

New FireFly Altimeter Now Shipping


Check out the new FireFly altimeter in our webstore!  This tiny altimeter is about the size of a postage stamp, yet has the same 100,000 foot maximum altitude and high precision of our bigger altimeters.  As is the case with our other altimeters, every single FireFly is individually calibrated for superb accuracy and interchangeability (try and find that in any other altimeter in this price range!).  The low price (with quantity discounts available) makes it ideal for educational use, allowing each student to have their own altimeter without straining the budget.

New PerfectFlite Altimeters Now Available

Our new StratoLogger, Pnut, and APRA altimeters are now available!  These altimeters are more affordable than ever, yet have an impressive array of features and even better performance than their predecessors.  Some product highlights are: StratoLogger:  Two event deployment altimeter, works to 100,000', logs altitude, temperature, and battery voltage from last 31 flights for download to [...]

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